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Using Praise


Activating Praise means linking your ethereum address with your Discord account. Activating is required for dishing Praise, it also allows you to receive rewards from Praise.

To activate Praise, type /activate in a Discord channel where the Praise bot is installed (for example, #Praise). You will see a message like the one below. Clicking on “activate my account” will take you to the Praise dashboard to sign a message using your Ethereum wallet. After signing the message your activation is complete.



Dishing Praise is the act of acknowledging the contributions of other community members.

To begin dishing, type /praise.


The /praise command accepts two options:

  1. receivers – the Discord handles of one or more people you want to praise. Receivers

  2. reason – the contribution you would like to praise, see Writing Excellent Praise for tips on how to formulate “good praise”. Reason

After you hit enter, you will see a green check mark that indicates your Praise was successful. Success