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Step 3 - Analyze

Analyzing praise data unlocks powerful community intelligence and insights. Praise offers built-in analytics, custom reporting, and AI-generated insights.

Analytics Dashboard

The interactive analytics dashboard provides an overview of community health, participation, top contributors, activity trends, and more.


Run reports to answer specific questions about your community. Praise includes a number of built-in reports, and data analysts can create custom reports. All reports can be exported as CSV or JSON for further analysis.


We recommend open analysis sessions after each quantification period to discuss insights as a community. This builds transparency and fosters a spirit of cooperation.

AI-Generated Insights

Praise uses natural language processing and machine learning to extract insights impossible with traditional analytics.

The /whois command uses AI to generate a profile summarizing a member's key contributions, impact areas, and skills. These auto-generated bios provide an objective overview of members' work.

The /whatsup command functions like an auto-generated newsletter, summarizing notable contributions and events from the past week based on the Praise graph. This helps keep the community informed.

We are also working on contributor similarity analysis to identify members working in related areas, and predictive modeling to forecast future community trends.

Notebooks for Data Analysts

For advanced analysis, we provide Jupyter and Observable notebooks connected to live community data. Find them at Praise Tools for Data Analysts.

The in-depth intelligence extracted from praise data can help leaders optimize incentives, spot trends early, and make better decisions. Let Praise show you what your community data has to say!