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Step 1 - Praise

Praising is the starting point of the Praise system. This simple act of peer recognition breathes life into the entire process.

When community members acknowledge each other's contributions through praise statements, it fosters a spirit of cooperation, strengthens social ties, and builds a sense of shared purpose.

Some key benefits of praising:

  • Creates a culture of appreciation and gratitude
  • Highlights efforts that may have gone unnoticed
  • Reinforces positive feelings between community members
  • Motivates contributors and boosts morale
  • Signals contributions that benefit the community
  • Promotes transparency around participation

Praising is easy and accessible to all members through the Praise bot on Discord. More platforms coming soon!

Interact with the Praise bot

To praise someone, simply type a command like /praise @john and then describe their contribution in your own words. Be specific and provide context about the impact.

Here's an example praise statement:

/praise @jane for staying late to help contributors at the ETHGlobal hackathon.
She provided invaluable technical guidance which led to the success of many projects!

The more detailed and thoughtful the praise, the richer the data that can be extracted. But no contribution is too small to acknowledge!

Ready to start spreading positivity? Find the Praise bot in your community and share your first praise today!

See more examples of praise: Writing excellent Praise

In the next section, we will walk you through the responsibilities of Quantifiers and the quantification process.