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Step 4 – Reward

The last step in the Praise process is to reward contributors. Rewards can be monetary or non-monetary, the process is completely up to the community. Praise provides a simple reward distribution tool that exports a CSV file that can be used for the distribution. The distribution tool currently exports to the following formats: Gnosis Safe - CSV Airdrop, Aragon Transactions. Miss more formats? Post an issue and let us know.

In addition to an export format you can also choose a distribution strategy. Choose from one of the predefined distribution strategies or create your own.

In addition to the current export formats and distribution strategies, we are working on adding support for: NFT minting, POAP minting, built in minting of non monetary reputation tokens, and more.

Reward distribution strategies

Fixed budget

This distribution uses a fixed period budget and a straight proportional distribution. A praise receiver with 1% of the total praise score will receive 1% of the period budget.

Straight curve with ceiling

This distribution calculates the period budget using a straight curve with a ceiling. Few praise in a period means small distribution budget and vice versa.