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Step 2 - Quantify

Quantification is the process of assigning a numerical score to each praise statement based on its perceived impact and value to the community.

Why quantify?​

Quantification transforms subjective peer feedback into objective metrics that can power community intelligence, reputation systems, and tokenized rewards.

Who are the Quantifiers?​

Quantifiers are trusted community members who independently review praise statements and score them on a predefined scale.

Quantifiers are randomly assigned praise items to avoid bias. Each praise is scored by multiple quantifiers and their ratings are averaged to determine a final score.

Scoring Guidelines​

Praise believes in a bottoms up approach to scoring. Quantifiers are encouraged to use their own judgment to assign scores based on the perceived impact of each praise. Over time, this will lead to a more accurate scoring system that reflects the values of the community. The goal is to create a system that is both objective and flexible. The scores should reflect the values of the community, rather than being imposed from the top down.

Avoiding Manipulation​

Several safeguards are in place to prevent score manipulation:

  • Quantifiers work independently without knowing others' scores
  • Random assignment makes collusion difficult
  • Requiring multiple scores per praise mitigates personal bias

Generating a Praise Score​

Each Praise receives at least 3 independent scores which are averaged to generate a final score:

Praise: "@john for writing a great tutorial on setting up Praise"

Quantifier 1: 55
Quantifier 2: 60
Quantifier 3: 65

Final Score = (55 + 60 + 65) / 3 = 60

This objective scoring data powers many benefits of the Praise system down the line.

Ready to become a Quantifier and help score community contributions? Talk to your community leaders!