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The individual or entity within the community who acknowledges and appreciates contributions by providing praise. The giver initiates the praise process by recognizing specific actions or achievements. Period

A defined time frame within which praise is accumulated, analyzed, and rewarded. Periods can be set to align with specific community goals, events, or cycles, allowing for structured recognition and assessment.


A designated member of the community responsible for evaluating and assigning value to praise. Quantifiers play a crucial role in determining the impact score of praise, ensuring fairness and alignment with community standards.

Quantifier pool

The quantifier pool is the group of users from which quantifiers are assigned. Admins can add/remove users from the quantifier pool by giving/removing the role QUANTIFIER in the User admin page.


The individual or group within the community who is the recipient of praise. The receiver is acknowledged for their contributions, efforts, or achievements, fostering a sense of appreciation and motivation.