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What is Praise?

Praise is an open source community intelligence and rewards system designed to strengthen online communities through peer recognition and tokenized incentives.

At its core, Praise allows community members to openly acknowledge and appreciate each other's contributions through simple peer-to-peer messages called "praise statements." These statements recognize efforts both big and small, creating a transparent record of community participation. A simple example would be:

/praise @john for creating an excellent tutorial on setting up
the developer environment. It saved me hours of time and frustration.

But Praise is much more than just words of encouragement - it utilizes advanced data analysis and machine learning to extract powerful insights from praise data. We call this "community intelligence."

Community leaders can use these AI-generated insights to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, optimize incentives, and gain a competitive edge.

Praise also integrates with token distribution platforms, allowing communities to reward contributions through points, badges, POAPs, NFTs, and more. The system is highly configurable to align incentives around community values and goals.

In summary, Praise strengthens communities in four key ways:

Peer Recognition - A culture of appreciation, gratitude, and transparency

Community Intelligence - Data analysis and machine learning for insights

Reputation & Rewards - Configurable incentives tied to verifiable contributions

Culture Building - Increased participation, positivity, and collaboration

Who uses Praise?

Praise is already being used successfully by communities including Giveth, GnosisDAO, General Magic, DAppNode, ShapeShift, RefiDAO, Commons Stack and others.

Visit the Praise Explorer to see Praise in action!

Learn More

In the following sections we will explore how Praise works and how to use it.